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Delve into the Past

A Long Look at the Past

Camden County, where our beloved Kingsland and neighboring communities sit, is steeped in history. One of Georgia’s first established counties, Camden was officially founded in 1777 and named for the Earl of Camden- an early supporter of American Independence. With roots tracing back to the Revolutionary War, you can only imagine the treasure trove of history right here on our hallowed ground. 

Kingsland’s Royal District

For history buffs, the Royal District cannot be missed. The drooping Spanish moss paired with the early 1900’s style street lamps add to the important feel of this historic downtown area. Visitors can visit the Veteran’s Memorial, dine at the many diners and restaurants and shop at the unique shops as they walk in the footsteps of the past. 

Part of the town’s more tragic history is honored at the Thiokol Memorial Museum. The museum is dedicated to the memory of the 29 heroes who perished in an explosion at the Thiokol Plant in 1971. The plant is known for its efforts in support of NASA’s rocket program as well as its production of munitions for the Vietnam War. 

St. Marys

With many historical sites to explore, we suggest the St. Marys History walk, a self-guided walking tour that encompasses the area’s history from the 1500s through the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War. Brochures are available for this tour, making it simple to add to any itinerary.

An essential stop for those chasing history are the Cumberland Island National Seashore Museum, where you will learn about the history of the Island from the Indigenous people who once inhabited the land to the famous Carnegie family. The exhibit dedicated to the “Forgotten Invasion” of the War of 1812 is a highlight of the museum, for sure. 

Be sure to stop by the Washington Oak, the stump of one of the four oak trees that were planted on the day of George Washington’s funeral in 1799. The wood from the last remaining Oak that was cut down in 1990 went into the restoration of the USS Constitution.

Don’t miss the McIntosh Sugar Mill Ruins, the Oak Grove Cemetery or Howard Gilman Memorial Waterfront Park while you are in town. These locations and more make St. Marys a treasure trove of history and mystique.

No matter how long you are staying with us, pencil in time for history. There is so much to be learned and experienced and seen. 

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