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A Romantic Getaway: Surprising My Wife with 
a Trip to Kingsland, Georgia

In the middle of the chilly months following Christmas, I decided to whisk my wife of 31 years away for an unexpected romantic escapade. Our home in Daytona Beach is a place of comfort, but the allure of Kingsland, Georgia, just a couple hours away, beckoned to us with promises of small-town enchantment and cozy togetherness. Brimming with excitement and a plan up my sleeve, I embarked on a mission to create unforgettable memories for my wife.

couple in car during vacation in Kingsland Georgia

Day 1: The Hidden Surprise

As the sun dipped lower on the horizon, I presented my wife with an envelope. Inside, she discovered a handwritten note and two train tickets that would set the stage for our three-day adventure. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation, and the promise of the unknown adventures ahead. With our bags packed and hearts aflutter like when we were newlyweds, we set out on our journey to Kingsland. The scenic drive through Florida’s coastal landscapes and Georgia’s lush countryside was the perfect prelude to the enchanting escape awaiting us.

Day 2: Discovering Kingsland’s Charm

Awakening in the heart of Kingsland felt like stepping into a Hallmark movie. The downtown and well-preserved historic buildings were a world away from the bustling streets of Daytona Beach, and my wife’s eyes were full of excitement. Our day started late after we enjoyed a cozy night, and I delivered breakfast in bed to my love from the complimentary assortment at the Holiday Inn Express

We began our adventures at Angelo’s Italian Restaurant, a local favorite. The exceptional red wine flowed freely as we savored our lunch, and the portions were so generous that we had to request boxes for the leftovers. Late-night snacks sorted! After our Italian feast, and a run back to our hotel to drop off the leftovers, we strolled along the streets of Historic Downtown Kingsland, hand in hand. The charming boutiques and quaint shops held their own secrets, and we explored them all. Our journey continued with a stop at a local coffee shop, where we shared cappuccinos and cherished more uninterrupted time alone than we’d had in months. Big-city hustle and bustle felt a world away.

Day 3: Nostalgia and Sweet Surprises

The pinnacle of our getaway unfolded on the third day. I surprised my wife with a Murder Mystery train ride on the Georgia Coastal Railway. The intrigue and suspense of the journey added an unexpected twist to our adventure. Our hearts raced as we followed clues and unraveled the mystery on board. It was an experience that would linger in our memories for years to come. As we disembarked, we took a leisurely stroll through Veteran’s Memorial Park, where blooming red camellia bushes and bronze statues representing each branch of the United States Military brought back memories of my time in the Navy and my wife’s many years of unwavering support. The park’s quiet beauty was a perfect backdrop for sharing memories of the past, experiences that made us stronger together. To cap off our day, we visited “Wandaful Things,” an off-the-path café downtown. There, we indulged in lemon and chocolate cupcakes that were nothing short of impressive. Each bite was a sweet reminder of the delightful surprises our adventure had brought us.

Our journey back to Daytona Beach was marked by contented smiles and a renewed sense of closeness. As we drove we found ourselves planning our next romantic weekend getaway back to Kingsland. This time, we dreamt of exploring Cumberland Island and uncovering the secrets of the second-oldest city in Georgia.

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