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Bird Watching Bliss: Discover Kingsland’s Fine Feathered Friends

Photo: Jill Helton

Did you know that our area is home to over 300 species of birds? That accounts for 75% of the total species to be found in Georgia. From trails and boardwalks to riverbanks and sandy shores, your birding quest will take you to many beautiful and unforgettable sites. Also, here’s a reminder to pack binoculars when planning a visit to us.

Even though you will spot many birds throughout Kingsland and the surrounding areas as you go about your day, we do have a few must-see spots we have to mention here.

Crooked River State Park in St. Marys, the Okefenokee Swamp and Cumberland Island boast unique stops on the popular Colonial Coast Birding Trail. This trail spans the coast from Cumberland Island up to the north of Savannah, including many historic sites. Bird watching in these locations will blend human and natural history together as you check off your bucket list while visiting the area.

The over 500 acres of Crooked River State Park contain a variety of habitats such as marshland and maritime forests where birds love to roost during migratory times. Take your time and try to glimpse wood storks and herons roosting in the dead pines overlooking Crooked River. Look for warblers in fall and spring and osprey in spring and summer.

After taking the ferry from St. Marys to Cumberland Island, you will be on hallowed ground where over 322 species of birds have been spotted over the years. The sandy beaches and scrubby marshland are also home to peregrine falcons in the fall and painted buntings in the summer. In winter, head to the beaches and keep a sharp eye out for piping and snowy plovers.

Venturing into Okefenokee Swamp will bring you up close and personal with many birds and other wildlife. Take the Chesser Island Boardwalk to the observation tower overlooking the lake, offering views of wading birds, waterfowl and even alligators. Spot the rare red-cockaded woodpecker and hear Bachman’s sparrows singing in spring.

Before you pack away your binoculars, make sure to head to Woodbine and visit their over 200 bluebird boxes scattered around the area.

Birding in the Kingsland area offers days of adventure all year round. Be sure to check the Colonial Coast Birding Trail website for information on all 18 birding spots, insider tips and more.

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