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Indoor Adventure Galore

Southern coastal Georgia is a wonderful place to find numerous outdoor adventures, gaze upon stunning views, and bathe in the sun. With the year-round warm weather, it makes traveling here an easy choice. However, there’s no doubt that it can get a little toasty. Water-based activities can be great for cooling down, but sometimes the best thing you can do is hang out inside with ice cold AC. Don’t let this halt your travel plans! Kingsland, Georgia is surrounded by a plethora of vacation worthy indoor adventures that’ll keep your trip moving along smoothly. 

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Not every vacation has to be consumed by a strict itinerary filled only with popular tourist attractions. It wouldn’t be your vacation without doing the things that make you happy! So if you like all things art, there are amazing places around Kingsland that you have to check out. 

Not an artist? You don’t have to be a player to enjoy the game. Artists and art enthusiasts alike will find the selection of local art worthy of exploring. Coastal Camden Art League is one place that values not only immaculate works of art, but art crafted specifically by talented locals. Stop by this gallery to experience the region from a local perspective, taking in things you may not admire while only briefly passing by. From paintings, to prints, to trinkets, you’ll find one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique to this community. Another great place to learn about the area while discovering fine art, is at Gallery 307. If you’re looking for a sanctuary of unique work that’ll encapsulate and amaze you, this is the place to go. Here, you can find handcrafted items like wooden decor, jewelry and accessories, photo prints, fabric workings, and much more. 

Experience Kingsland Like a Local

While southern Georgia has a great selection of outdoor activities for any year-round vacation, there are just as many ways to have an awesome time while enjoying a break from the intense sun beams. From getting your heart rate up, to eating, to relaxing, Kingsland, Georgia is loaded with top tier places to go when the weather isn’t ideal.

Don’t limit yourself to low-energy activities just because you can’t bear the heat! Unleashed Camden is one place in Kingsland that knows how to make any day outstanding. This local business has a wide variety of ways to get your blood pumping. Let the experts help you on your way to becoming an axe throwing master! Not interested? How does smashing things with a bat sound? Or splattering paint all over the walls? Try their axe throwing, rage room or their paint room to really soak in a fully cathartic experience. To top it off, they also have more relaxed activities like pool, darts, and cornhole, perfect for a night out with friends.  Don’t shy away from making a mess, letting out some energy and having a blast, all in a safe, friendly environment. This is truly one of the best places to make memories in Kingsland!

Not the type to work up a sweat on vacation? Worry not, there are plenty more ways to engage your innermost relaxed vacation-self, all while remaining indoors. One way to escape the sun and learn all about the community is shopping with the local businesses. Getting out on the town and meeting the locals can be a fantastic way to learn about the place you’re visiting. If you’ve stumbled into Kingsland, you won’t go anywhere without being greeted with the warm southern charm you’ve heard all about. With affordable pricing on trendy, comfortable apparel and accessories, it’ll be hard not to walk away with bags stuffed with new additions for your closet. To see all of the amazing shops Kingsland has to offer, visit: 

How can you consider any vacation complete without trying the local food? Even if you’re just taking a weekend trip, you’ve got to have at least one local meal! Take a bite of all the tasty food that awaits you in Kingsland. Being a coastal town in southern Georgia means we’re awesome at two things: fresh seafood, AND good ole southern comfort food. As if it couldn’t get any better, Kingsland knows just how to make your dining experience top notch! Pair your food with a night of entertainment at one of the local hotspots, like Outerbanks Bar & Grill or OPS Pizza Kitchen, for live music, karaoke, and trivia hosted weekly.

For more places to eat in Kingsland, visit:

Here in the Kingsland area you’ll find numerous ways to beat the heat with engaging indoor adventures. Between the endless list of businesses and activities to visit, and the undeniable southern charm, there’s no way around having a great vacation here. 

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